White label solution

We provide

A “ready-to-go” White label solution that will give you the opportunity to market your own online social media, gaming and entertainment website under your brand.

  • Spigo maintains and develops the entire website for you
  • New games and features are added frequently
  • State of the art technology
  • Site is hosted on our servers to free up your resources
  • Fast and experienced customer service in your language
  • Administration of all the monetary transactions between you and your users/members
  • Newsletters will be created and sent on a regular basis
  • Spigo carries the legal responsibility regarding the games
  • You'll get full access to the administration
  • You can easily expand your white label cooperation with us into several other languages achieving an even bigger market potential for you

Additional revenue for your organization

Very quickly, you could have a member base and personal online community large enough to attract other companies wanting to advertise on your site - more revenue to you!

If serving a good purpose while earning an additional income is in your interest, feel free to contact us today and we will walk you through the details on how to get started. If you decide to move forward we can have YOUR OWN site up and running within 2 weeks.

About Spigo

Spigo is dedicated to developing and delivering the highest quality electronic online entertainment available. We offer one of the best gaming communities on the market with several interactive games and features like instant messaging, a chat feature in every game room, guest books, a personal mail function, photo albums, clubs, teams, tournaments etc.

With the ever growing social media and gaming industry this is the perfect time to have your own online social media and gaming website. However developing and launching a fully functional website is very time consuming and can become costly without the right resources. So what Spigo provides is a complete solution that will allow you to jump start your online marketing efforts. You will end up with value added service to your existing website or a standalone identity, while offering your clients/members a fun and relaxing alternative.

Kasper Kau (kasper.kau@spigoworld.com)

Join the Spigo Community on our Second Generation Platform

At Spigo, we're excited to introduce our latest second-generation platform, and we invite you to be part of our vibrant community. This platform isn't just about speed; it's all about building connections and having fun. With a focus on inclusivity, it's perfect for gaming and, designed to bring people together. It's also optimized for both mobile and tablet use, ensuring everyone can participate.


  • Tournaments: Join exciting tournaments and compete with fellow enthusiasts in your favorite games.
  • Challenges: Challenge yourself and others in a welcoming environment where there's always something new to discover.
  • Achievements: Earn recognition for your accomplishments and share your journey with the community.
  • Mobile and Tablet Optimization: Enjoy our platform on mobile and tablet.

Ready to Get Involved?
To become a part of the community and explore these features and more, visit our platform supplier’s page.

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